sexta-feira, 18 de março de 2011

Exercícios 6ª séries

1. Put am, is or are in each space
a-      This___my family.
b-      Lucy___English.
c-      Maria and Ana___students.
d-     I___happy
2. Change the sentences into negative (troque as sentenças por negativas).
a-      It is hot today. It is not hot today
b-      I am at home. ____________
c-      My friends are here. ___________
d-     You are a teacher. ___________
e-      We are at the cinema. ___________
f-       Katty is happy. ___________

3. Change the statements into questions (transforme as sentenças em questões).
a-      You are late. Are you late?
b-      He is fifteen. ________________?
c-      It is cold. ________________?
d-     My books are in the bag. ________________?
e-      English is difficult. ________________?

4. Choose the best answer to each question. (Ache a melhor resposta)
      a- What is your name?                 1) No, I am Brazilian.
      b- Are you Portuguese?               2) I am fifteen.   
      c- How old are you?                      3) My name is Carlos.
      d- Is English difficult?                4) No, it’s easy     

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